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CeraTex® Ceramic Fiber Rope and Braid

Ceramic Fiber Rope and BraidCeraTex® Ceramic Fiber Rope and Braid are manufactured from high temperature alumino-silicate based ceramic fiber combined with high temperature fiberglass reinforcement, with or without additional alloy wire insert. The product is white and odorless, suitable for high temperature applications up to 2300°F.

Characteristics and Specs

Twisted or braided texture with excellent handling strength, ideal compressibility and resilience, lightweight,  low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, low heat storage, thermal shock resistant, fire and flame proof, chemical resistant, compatible with most corrosive chemicals, commonly used acid and alkali (exceptions are hydrofluoric, phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis).

Working Temperature :      1,800 °F. for Continuous Use, 2300 °F Maximum
Specific Heat (@2000°F):  0.27 Btu/lb °F
pH Range: 2-12

Typical Applications

    • Seal, packing or gasket for doors/openings in ovens, stoves, furnaces, boilers;
    • Expansion joint packing;
    • Metal casting seal;
    • Seal or gasket in other high temperature applications.

Product Styles

3130 Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope

3140 Ceramic Fiber Square Braid

3150 Ceramic Fiber Round Braid

3140W Ceramic Fiber Square Braid with Wire Insert

3150W Ceramic Fiber Round Braid with Wire Insert

3130 Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope
Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope
3140 Ceramic Fiber Square Braid
Ceramic Fiber Square Braid
3150 Ceramic Fiber Round Braid
Ceramic Fiber Round Braid

Product Sizes and Variants

Available Sizes: 1/4" to 3"

Square and round braid can be treated with graphite coating

Customer Application Notes

Heat Cleaning Process: The products contain certain amount of organic binder materials(necessary for fiber carding process). The organic binder will burn out at lower temperature and generate smokes. This will not affect the ceramic fiber properties. After the organic binder is burned out the product will turn white again. In applications where smoke is prohibited, the product should be heat cleaned or treated first before it is put into use.

Product Handling: Require protective gloves, cloth, mask and dust control. Details on product MSDS.

Minseal Sitemap

CeraTex Ceramic Fiber products equivalent brands: Fiberfrax® or Kaowool®.

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